New World Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Launch.

If you play New World you probably already know that there is a new expansion Rise of the Angry Earth is dropping tomorrow, it will bring all kinds of new goodies for us to play with. Here is a snippet of what was said on the New World website.

Greetings, Adventurers!

Ride mounts, wield a new weapon, and explore transformed lands when New World: Rise of the Angry Earth launches on October 3. We can’t wait for players to experience every new feature, including the story behind the fall of First Light, in our first paid expansion. Discover Aeternum’s next chapter for $29.99. New players can pick up both the base game and the expansion for $69.99 as part of the New World: Elysian Edition bundle.
Look forward to Season 3 updates for all players alongside the release of Rise of the Angry Earth. With revamped mainline story quests, open world PvP changes based on player feedback, and quality of life improvements like the removal of Wards, Banes and Expertise, there has never been a better time to visit the Eternal Isle.
Check out the announcement trailer below.


Things that some of us have been looking forward to for a while… MOUNTS!!! Finally, we can “Summon a mount for faster traversal across Aeternum. Master horses, dire wolves, and lions, each with a unique look, customizable equipment, and a name you can set. Level up the new Riding Trade Skill to earn upgrades like increased speeds, buffs, and higher tier consumable food for your new friend.”

Rise of the Angry Earth

Level Raise coming with Rise of the Angry Earth

Our levels will be upped to level to 65 and Gear Score to 700 with new attributes to help power up your builds. Increase Trade Skills to level 250 with new items to gather, refine, and craft. We will also be able to unlock a new faction tier when we do a new faction quest also.

New Gear Tier and a New Weapon

Find and equip Artifacts, a powerful new tier of weapons and armor. Get the most out of your Artifact by unlocking its six perks, including one unique playstyle-defining perk, upon completing a series of quests. A New weapon the flail has been added, The Flail is a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield. Use arcane magic to enhance attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies for an easier victory. By combining melee moves, arcane magic, and strong defenses, a wielder can maximize the effectiveness of their group.

Rise of the Angry Earth

What Happened With First Light? Rise of the Angry Earth will tell us.

We have all wondered what has been going on in First Light and why it has been blocked off well now we know…..

The southeastern tip of Aeternum, formerly known as First Light, has been invaded by the powers of Artemis and the Angry Earth. Explore the raised structures of this magical new landscape and battle the ferocious beasts that have taken refuge in the verdant, unsettled terrain.

Much More! Including Season 3 Content!

Besides all of the content listed above, we will also have a new expedition, and heartrune capability as well.

Rise of the Angry Earth

Influence Races, a new Season Pass, a main storyline quest revamp, and more are coming for all players in Season 3. Here are some of the highlights:
Season 3 introduces a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards.
Capture new Influence Towers and strike down enemy Factions in open world combat for territorial supremacy. Each Faction will compete for Influence in specific zones during scheduled times. If an attacking Faction earns enough Influence through PvP Missions, Influence Towers, and Forts before the race ends, they’ll receive bonus rewards, plus the opportunity to declare War. If the defending Faction prevents the attackers from scoring enough Influence within the time limit, they’ll earn bonus rewards for both the Influence Race and the next War. Regardless of who wins, the attacking Faction with the most influence can escalate the conflict into War.

Seasonal Events are Back

Events will continue to be free for all players. This season includes the following returning favorites:


Costumes are coming alongside the return of Baalphazu, Marquis of Terror. Banish the demon and his horde of ghoulish Pumpkinites for a chance at temporary Mask skins, treats, and other limited-time rewards. Turkulon is back for revenge. Hunt down the feathered menace and his ‘fowl army’ to earn new rewards.

There will be Twitch drops for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion going on between 10/3 to 10/10 Check the Twitch TV campaign page.

Check out the Call of the Wilds for unique Twitch Drops like a Flail skin and custom Mount Flag Attachment. Each day we will add additional drops until everything is available on day 5. Watch your favorite participating content creator before October 10 to claim yours!

“By root and by branch, by bramble and thorn, to defense of these lands you now have been sworn.“

  • Day 1 Drops: Call of the Wilds Flail, Call of the Wilds Mount Attachment Skin, and Mossclad Helm (4 total hours watched)
  • Day 2 Drop: Mossclad Vambraces (6 total hours watched)
  • Day 3 Drop: Mossclad Boots (8 total hours watched)
  • Day 4 Drop: Mossclad Cuisses (10 total hours watched)
  • Day 5 Drop: Mossclad Thornvest (14 total hours watched)

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