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I’m a Gaming Enthusiast , Content Creator , & Streamer.

I may make videos, tips ‘n’ tricks, and guides but these are suggestions on how to play and/or tailor your game. I always want you to PLAY YOUR GAME YOUR WAY! I have always hated people telling me I needed to play this way or that way, which is why I say play how you want to play. Use my informative guides and more to help you do so.

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Tips and Guides
Tips & Guides

Tips & Guides for various different games.

My Art and Animation.

The progress from Now until I graduate college. Let’s see how much better it is from day 1 to graduation.

Weekly Game Reviews

This is my view on some new games I play and may have been suggested to me, Some games I will continue to play and some I won’t, These are my fair and honest reviews of these games.



Recent videos which are currently on YouTube.

Big Fail WoW Hardcore Classic

Kiria Silverbow Plays WoW Hardcore Classic –Big Fail–

Conan Purge Build Test

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2 Purge Build Test

Mad King’s Labyrinth in GW2: Gameplay

Fear and Thrills: Conquering the Mad King’s Labyrinth in GW2

islands of insight
Islands of Insight

Islands of Insight open playtest gameplay

Enshrouded Demo Review

Enshrouded Next Fest Demo Review.

Synced gameplay
Conan Exiles AoW Ch4 Thrall Update

Conan Exiles Age of War Ch 4 Thrall System Update



Reviews of various different games of all different types. Read More Here.


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