I’ve noticed a lot of new things going on with Blizzard in WoW and the War Within is one of them.

Now Blizzard makes a statement and explains a few things about it.

I’ve noticed a lot of new things going on with Blizzard in WoW and the War Within is one of them. Blizzard finally has made a statement that explains the changes that are going on and The War Within happens to be one of those changes. I love the remix idea, I have jumped in and played Plunderstorm, which surprises a few people because I am NOT a PVPer. But like Huttball in SWTOR, it just doesn’t feel like PVP to me. I was supposed to be in the research beta type thing of the War Within starting on the 15th. Still, something went awry and the email they said would wind up in my inbox for the next instructions never arrived and it wasn’t in my Spam folder either, as I am signed up with their Research Portal team. However, the you signed up and are ready for the blah blah blah was conveniently empty so my heart sank. So once I was finally able to get some answer as to how to sign back up again it was only like everyone else and that is to opt in. Hopefully, I’ll get my e-mail to play in the beta soon.

It looks to be very interesting so far even if I don’t get into the beta I am excited to see all the new stuff when I do get to play, especially the new playable race even if it is another dwarf. Plus for all those console players out there, look forward to possibly being able to play WoW on your consoles one day since Microsoft acquired recently. Holly Longdale, the executive producer and vice president of World of Warcraft, teased about it in the article/

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The War Within
Kiria Silverbow
Kiria Silverbow

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