Future Game Review and Weekend Update

I figured since it was Monday and you hadn’t seen an upload of a video I needed to give you an update on Friday’s post. The Gameplay video I recorded this weekend had some technical difficulties, so every time I recorded it or tried to edit it, it gave me the middle finger. So, it will be revisited this week; however, I will provide you with a review or two this week.

I have 17 games sitting on my desktop 7 of them I have played for many hours, many many hours. the other 10 are ones I haven’t played yet or have only put a toe into or have just downloaded them so far. Some of those are in playtest, early access or newly released. A few have been out for a bit and I just never played them or these are updates or extensions that have caught my eye for these games to make me want to try them out. So one or two of the new games will get reviewed after a I put a few days into each of them this week.

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Also, I will try to start adding in commentary to some of my videos, Reviews, shorts, and regular gameplay. As this is something new to me it will be difficult for me to get over my shyness so be gentle in your comments.


Don’t forget to check the Twitch drops page for drops for your favorite games.

Hopefully, sooner or later you all will start to like these little posts and videos and start to put a thumbs up or subscribe to the videos and browse the page every so often for things you need (I am working on the site behind the scenes as best as I can). If you have any suggestions, of Reviews you would like to see, or helpful things you would like placed on the site please don’t hesitate to plop me a comment or shoot me a Contact through the contact page or a message on FaceBook, where you can also follow me.

Have a great week.

Kiria Silverbow
Kiria Silverbow

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