Let’s Game! Because, Thank The Pixels it’s Friday!

That is right It is Friday and those of us who work are counting down the minutes and hours until we can start playing our games; those of us who are bums and wait at home for significant others, parents, or the like to get home are usually playing games, reading blogs about gaming, watching videos about gaming, or anything else related to gaming. We are obsessed with it and can’t stop talking about it. We spend hours researching and debating about the best games, consoles, and strategies. We are fanatics who live and die by the games we love. So, Let’s Game! Because, Thank The Pixels it’s Friday!

My goal for next week is to write and record some game reviews and gameplay of games I haven’t yet played. These games will include some that are new and have been out for a few months, as well as some that have been out for a few months. I had some sitting in my Steam Library for a while, and I never installed them, so I thought I’d do it now.

white and black soccer ball on table

This weekend, I plan to record some short videos and comment on any updates made to a few games I already own. (Steam, Epic, Xbox Game Pass PC), which have been out for a while. I may not have played these games in a while and had updates since then or they may have just had an update to them in the past week or two. (i.e. New World, Conan Exiles, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Valheim).


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Kiria Silverbow
Kiria Silverbow

Kiria's gaming journey began as a child with Atari and Nintendo, However it ultimately evolved into the vast realms of PC gaming in early 2000 with the immersive world of MMORPGs. UO was her maiden voyage, leading her through adventures in games like LOTR, SWTOR, and onward to the dynamic landscapes of WoW, SimS4, Valheim, and Conan Exiles. Her love of gaming and paying it forward emerged with the arrival of "Play Your Game Your Way". Off-screen, her life's quests involve cherishing moments with a family that boasts eight loyal dogs, a mischievous cat, and a loving husband—a Gulf War veteran. As a person living with epilepsy, Kiria believes in the power of resilience, compassion, and paying it forward. Join her in embracing gaming, where every challenge is a new opportunity and everyone has their unique way to play.

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