Islands of Insight Game Review

In a realm of ancient wonder and natural beauty, the quest for wisdom connects all who dwell within. Discover a breathtaking open-world multiplayer game where puzzles form the very fabric of reality, players grow stronger with every insight, and a curious mind is the only weapon you’ll need. Welcome to the Islands of Insight.

This game was suggested to me by my husband, as he knows I like puzzle games (except jumping ones) and thought I might like to look into it. Seeing as how it is an open playtest I was willing to try it out and see what it was. Going in knowing it was a playtest I knew things could be bumpy and buggy so I kept that in mind. Especially since it crashed on my first outing before I could finish completing my character, but once I did get my character created here is what I saw…A gorgeously built world with bright colors and so much to see and do. Where was I to start? Well, first I am going to show you what the character creation looked like it was really pretty in my opinion.

Character creation

It was a bit confusing at first but then you get the hang of it. You choose your form and head off from there, there are not many face choices to choose from but with all the other choices you have for skin, etc. kinda of makes up for it.

So what is Islands of Insight all about?

Well, Islands of Insight is an epic shared-world puzzle game set in a peaceful fantasy realm of ancient wonders and natural beauty. Brimming with mysterious puzzles to solve, secrets to uncover, and sublime landscapes to explore, this awe-inspiring world of floating islands is yours to discover at your own pace.

Play as a Seeker on a peaceful journey rich in exploration and puzzle-solving. Embark on the Path of Discovery and let your curiosity guide you through a breathtaking open world where the answer is always in sight. 

islands of insight

From enigmas of perspective to mazes, logic problems, environmental challenges, and more, seek out and solve a rich variety of puzzles densely spread across the landscape. Each of them is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, and satisfying to solve. Puzzles also vary in difficulty, creating an experience both, inviting newcomers and engaging for seasoned puzzle fans.

My Take at this point in the game!

It is a beautifully built game, set atop pretty floating islands full of gorgeous and interesting puzzles to solve. The landscape is full of wonders with the puzzles set among various ruins and areas that seem to teem with mysticism and magic. It is not a multiplayer world although, you can interact with other characters across the world that you come across in a limited fashion. No chatting but emotes is what I found at the moment, and there are no co-op puzzles as of yet.

islands of insight

The puzzles are interesting, some are really easy and some take a bit of brain power to figure out. There are many different kinds of puzzles to work through logic, perspective, memory, fractal draggers, and many more Down at the bottom of the page is a gameplay video that shows some of the many puzzles I got to try out. I spent a few days running around playing with the puzzles and seeing everything I could see.

As of now, it is too early to make snap judgments on certain aspects of the game, as this is just a tech test for the developers. The playtest runs to the 21st of September, so if you would like to try you might want to get in on it now. I will reserve my judgements of things like narrative etc. further down the line. There has been no release date announced at this time. I will keep adding updates to the Game Reviews page or News & More page with any news that comes across my path about it.

Islands of Insight Gameplay

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