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Age of War Chapter 2 Release date, is set for Sept 21st. Below is a note from Funcom.

Greetings Exiles, 

The team has been hard at work on the next big update, and we’re thrilled to reveal that Age of War – Chapter 2 arrives September 21! As always, all the game content is free, with paid cosmetics available from the Battle Pass and Bazaar. 

This update expands significantly upon features we introduced in Chapter 1. Experience revamped purges, greatly improved loot across the game, and a new Battle Pass, and raise pyramids with the new Stygian building set from the Bazaar. 

In Chapter 1, we introduced clan hoards and improvements to combat and how stamina works. The features we’re introducing in Chapter 2 are closely linked to these changes. Read on to get a brief overview of what’s to come. There’s even more content cooking beyond this list.

Conan Exiles Age of War

Purge Update – For Chapter 2, we have completely transformed purges into a more immersive and balanced challenge, with improved rewards and control over when they occur. The attackers now have a purpose: to breach the defenses of your stronghold, steal your hoard, and carry it back to their camp. We look forward to diving deep into every aspect of this new feature in an upcoming blog. 

Improved Loot – With our loot overhaul, our goal is to make loot feel much more rewarding (ex. dungeon chest with an epic weapon instead of crafting materials), appropriate (ex. culture-related), and convenient (ex. twine instead of plant fiber) across the entire game. As you can guess, this has been a huge undertaking, but we think the results will be worth it! 

Battle Pass and Cosmetics – The brand-new pyramid building set will allow you to reshape the skyline with majestic pyramids. As always, you can look forward to a variety of new cosmetics including emotes, Stygian-themed armor, weapons, pets, decorations, and more. 


Age of War

Below you will find tips and guides for Conan Exiles

From the Noob River to the Volcano there is a lot to explore in the Exiled Lands, I haven’t forgotten Siptah, I am working on exploring it and getting information to make guides for it but atm here are the Exiled Lands guides. I hope that these will help you PLAY YOUR GAME YOUR WAY.

Beginners Guide

Get a head start as you head out on your first days as an exile. We give you an understanding of the basics. There’s a lot to explore out there in the exiled lands.

Building Helpful Hints

A guide to help you with different aspects of the building using the new overhaul and hammer that we received in Age of Sorcery.

Thrall and Pett Companion Guides

One of the unique features of CE is the “Thralls and pets” as a companion to help you with your everyday duties., Try our guide for a little help with them.

Map Locations Guide

The biomes get more dangerous the further you head into the map so having a bit of insight into them is very helpful. So I decided to give you that bit of insight.

Battle Pass and the Bazaar

Free and paid content is now a bit different in CE here is a bit of information on it and some tips and tricks on how to work with, it and how to proceed with it.

Character info helpful hints

Since they are rebalancing our character’s stamina and more here are some tips that may help.

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