Below you will find tips and guides for Disney Dreamlight Valley

From the Peaceful Meadow to the Forgotten Lands there is a tip and a guide for each realm and map location that I could think of and that I have come across myself. I hope that these will help you PLAY YOUR GAME YOUR WAY.

Beginners Guide

Get a head start in the Valley and understand the basics. There’s a lot to explore here in the wide world of Disney and Gameloft has invited some of the Disney franchise’s most recognizable characters to join you in this magical and enchanting village.

Map & Location Guide

A guide to help you with different aspects of the map, and little tips that we have about them.

Companion Guides

One of the unique features of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the “companion roles” feature, which enables your favorite characters to join you on certain activities, like fishing or mining, and help you increase your yield of those activites. Try our Companions guide if you need help with your villagers.

Money Guide

We all love money and in DDLV it is no different. Our Money Guide will help you learn the easy ways to make money for each level in the game.

Ingredient/Mat Guide

Ingredients or Materials are sometimes hard to get in the amounts that we need them in so these guides will help you find certain ones quicker and easier.

Cooking Guide

Dreamlight Valley has so many recipes that it is hard to figure out some of what they are, Remy, and some of the other villagers help, and some you find here and there when doing odd things but other than that it is plain ole’ discovery. Here is a list to help.


Building & Unlocks

Dreamlight Valley uses a grid-based system as some games use. Most buildings have a cost to place and also can be moved as well after being placed. Some that are already in place can also be moved, which includes other Villagers homes. Let’s take a look at the prices of these particular unlocks and also a breakdown of building/buildings as well.

Personal Home

Yes, your home can be upgraded to different rooms, and floors which also gives you more storage as well.

Character Homes

These Villager homes only cost to place and don’t cost anything to upgrade.


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