Let’s Do a Bit of Fishing and More in Palia and Have Loads of Fun.

Palia is a cozy community sim game developed and published by Singularity 6. Carve out a home of your own as you explore a vibrant world filled with welcoming villagers and beautiful landscapes. With Palia you can Pause, Breathe, and Reset because life can sometimes be a whirlwind so don’t forget to give yourself moments to recharge your batteries and reconnect with all the beauty around you.


Currently, Palia is available on PC and Nintendo Switch playable as a free Open Beta. In the world of Palia, humans were once a powerful and magical race that vanished thousands of years ago. Despite the passage of time, the reason for their sudden disappearance remains a mystery. However, recently humans have started reappearing all over the world.

As one of the newly re-emerged humans, you must make a new home for yourself in this friendly world and work towards building a bright future for yourself and humanity. You have the option to either uncover the secrets of humanity’s past or lead a simple life – the choice is yours!

My quick and dirty review of Palia – I have been playing this game off and on and I have to say I really do like this game, it is a game that I can sit back and unwind with after a hard day of anything else. I believe most people will like the game if they like this type of game too. It has all kinds of activities that people could want, fishing, hunting, questing, decorating, crafting, and even gardening and cooking as well.

The only aspect some people are having an issue with is the premium shop. If you want to understand what it is take a look at Is Palia to Pricey? Video by Payton’s Corner where she explains the Premium shop.

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In this video, I go over the basics of fishing and we have some good old fun.

Palia Official Cinematic Trailer if you fancy a look

Kiria Silverbow
Kiria Silverbow

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